Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teaches you to grasp the chart from DB2 to delete several lines

Q: "How to remove the chart from a number of DB2 line?"

A: "First, you need to update your" relational "database management system of knowledge. In the chart there is no" top "or" bottom "of the N-line concept. But the result set has the top or bottom of the concept. You can use FETCH FIRST N ROWS ONLY clause to be the beginning of the N-line, but get the bottom of the N-line is a more difficult problem. To achieve this, you need to scroll the pointer. can scroll the pointer allows you to not read / get all the rows in the result set before moving around. I suggest you read the DB2 SQL reference manual and the manual DB2 applications can scroll the contents of a pointer (all DB2 manuals can be online free download). Basically, you should use a scrollable cursor FETCH LAST statement, then FETCH PRIOR loop to N-1 times. that would give any result set "bottom" of the N-line "(classification or unclassified).

If you remove the N from the chart in a row. I guess you will ask how to DELETE a WHERE condition Department subset of the removal of restrictions on line, the answer is no. WHERE in the same condition you have to specify FOR UPDATE OF office to open a pointer, then you need to row in the loop N times to open the FETCH and DELETE WHERE CURRENT OF pointer. Of course, this means that you have to rewrite a program.

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