Monday, October 18, 2010

Computex Taipei will become the focus of the opening of low-cost PC

A consumer, held in March this year, the German CeBIT trade exhibition on the trial ASUS PC

According to foreign media reports, the world's second largest computer exhibition "Computex" will be held this week in Taipei, China. As the U.S. economic downturn causes consumers to cut spending, in this exhibition, cheap small PC may become the first choice for buyers.

By the continuing rise in oil prices and the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, consumer demand for high-priced PC and mobile phone significantly reduced. However, developing markets for low-cost PC, such as Asus launched Easy PC (Eee PC), is expected to continue growing steadily. The PC is usually a longer standby time, support for wireless connectivity in the future with new environment-friendly PC is expected to increase potential market share. Jih Sun Investment Advisory manager Kevin Zhang (Kevin Chung), said: "Our funds are not sufficient. We must pay close attention to buying trends, to determine the second half of this year, how strong economic rebound."

At this Computex show, ASUS will showcase a new design easy to use widescreen PC. Users of this product with almost all major tasks, including storing video and the Internet. Acer will also release a similar product, low-cost PC market test the water. Acer is currently working to enter high-growth emerging markets such as mainland China and India, the introduction of low-cost PC is an important part of this strategy. Acer spokesman said: "We will introduce a completely different notebook, mainly for new consumption."

Intel's Computex trade show in the current focus on promoting a new processor, hoping to capture more in low-cost PC market share. Intel expects to put into the pockets of the ultra-low-cost consumer PC, and the price of USD 250 or so in the "netbook" It will become a huge market.

Computex 2008 exhibition will be held on June 3 to June 7 in Taipei. According to organizers, this year a total of 1,725 exhibitors, up 29%, including technology giants such as Intel and AMD. Computex exhibition this year attracted more attention, mainly because the number of new computers, mobile phones and game consoles just entering the market. At the same time, in order to ease the oversupply situation, the chip and panel makers have cut capital spending. Market research firm IDC expects worldwide PC shipments in 2008 will grow 13% to reach 296 million units.

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